CSS Preprocessors – LESS and SASS CSS Preprocessors – LESS and SASS

September 1, 2014   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

Welcome to Design Vs Dev, a podcast about web development from the different perspectives of designers and developers. In our second episode, Drew and Micah discuss CSS Preprocessors, specifically SASS and LESS.

Topics Covered

  • What is a CSS Preprocessor? Why use one?
  • What are some of the basic features?
  • Which is the right one for you? SASS or LESS?
  • How can I dabble with it to see if I like it?
  • Once I like it (you will…) how do I integrate it into my existing workflow?
  • What parts can I safely ignore at the start?


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Next Time…

Our next episode will be on the future of JavaScript, specifically ECMAScript 6 and beyond. It will release on September 15.