Flexbox Flexbox

October 13, 2014   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

Today we discuss the Flexbox CSS layout model and how it will impact future designs.

Discussion Points

  • What is Flexbox?
  • How does it differ from floats?
  • I can already use Foundation/Bootstrap for a grid or column layout, why switch to something new?
  • What browser support is out there now?

The Nimble Thimble

In addition, we introduce our Flexbox-based CSS framework, Thimble. By leveraging Flexbox natively in the browser, we are able to offer all the fancy grid and column control with a much smaller code footprint than Foundation or Bootstrap. Check it out at http://thimblecss.com.


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Next time…

On our next episode we will be discussing how to (pseudo) scientifically choose which browsers to support. Left to someone else, the answer is “All of them!” but that’s a major pain. We’ll help you argue against supporting older browsers without sounding like a whiner. That episode will air on Oct 27.