Arguing against older browsers Arguing against older browsers

October 27, 2014   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

Today we discuss how to argue against supporting older browsers, like IE8 and below. The assumption is that if left up to someone else in your organization, your team will end up supporting all browsers back into the stone age. It often falls on the developers and designers to champion pushing forward with the latest tools and techniques. To aid in that task, we give you some ammunition for arguing against supporting old junk.

Discussion Points

  • Why not support older browsers?
  • How to create a policy and process to decide what to support.
  • How does product age / lifecycle help determine which browsers to support?
  • How can I tell how many users use a particular browser or version?
  • When is the best time to argue for dropping support for an older browser?
  • When should you not argue for dropping support?


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Next time…

Our next episode will discuss Microformats and Microdata. What are they? What are they for? Do they even work?