Elixir and Phoenix Elixir and Phoenix

February 29, 2016   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

Today’s Topic: The Elixir programming language, and the Phoenix web framework.


The cutting edge of web technology is constantly moving forward. It’s impossible to stay up to date on everything, and it can be overwhelming. Today, we give you a quick intro to the Elixir programming language and the corresponding MVC web framework, Phoenix. Spend a half hour with us and learn what it is and why you should (or shouldn’t) care.
Questions discussed:

  • What is Elixir? What is Phoenix?
  • What is parallel programming? Why does Ruby/Rails suck at it? Why is Elixir better?
  • What are Websockets? What cool opportunities do they open up, and why does Rails suck at them?
  • How does a line at the bank work? Has Micah even been to a bank?


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  • Elixir – The official page for the language. It’s tough to describe everything it does on one page, which is why I highly recommend…
  • Elixir: Getting Started – The official howto, which covers all the things that make Elixir great. It’s very long and detailed, but very useful if you want to actually learn the language.
  • The Phoenix Framework – An MVC web framework for Elixir, very similar to Ruby on Rails.
  • Websockets – A quick overview of what they are and what they do.