I made matching shelves so my new desk wouldn't get lonely I made matching shelves so my new desk wouldn't get lonely

July 11, 2016   |   Business, Life
Agile League

After the long process of making my custom standing desk, I decided to make another addition to my home office: matching shelves! After the time involved and the price of the Walnut and pipe for the desk, I wanted something quick to build and affordable. The shelves were a simple design with Common Board. I had the wood cut at the hardware store so I had no cuts to make myself. All I had to do was drill the holes and tighten, that’s it! The most time consuming part of the shelves was cleaning and sealing the pipe and staining the cheap wood. All told it took me less than a week of staining and spraying over lunch and less than $200.

The final product next to my desk. I lose some of my magnetic wall, but have my artbooks and comics close for inspiration so it’s a great trade-off.

The weight of the pipe was enough to keep them steady, but with a one year old crawling around, I bolted the shelves to wall studs to make sure his climbing antics won’t bring these down.

On my first dry assembly I had a cross beam at the top, but couldn’t figure out how to properly screw in the pipe, so I had to run back to the hardware store and switch out some parts

All my parts cleaned and sealed. I used a smaller pipe to keep the costs down, still sturdy as can be though.

Much to my wife’s dismay, I made the top specifically as a place for my lego city. I even made it long enough for one more corner building…