Why you should move your CMS to a Static Site Generator. Why you should move your CMS to a Static Site Generator.

March 20, 2017   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

Today’s topic: Drew is joined by Ajay Karwal to discuss moving and maintaining a site from a content management system to a static site generator.
About our guest host: Ajay Karwal is a UI/front-end developer from Wokingham, UK. Ajay has been a front-end designer and developer for over 13 years, specializing in writing clean and maintainable user interfaces. Ajay is also host of the new podcast inspect.fm. You can find him on twitter @ajaykarwal and his website at www.ajaykarwal.com
Some points that come up in the conversation:
Drew’s drink: Lakeside Corn Whiskey
Ajay’s drink: Whyte & Mackay
For a more in depth look at Ajay’s experience transitioning from a CMS, check out his blog post Switching from a CMS to Jekyll.

  • Umbraco – a headless CMS which Ajay used to use for his portfolio site.
  • Static site generators require no LAMP stack, no database, generates pure html/css/js and can be hosted anywhere.
  • At time of recording there are 455 SSGs out there so there’s no shortage of options. Some good resources for finding a static site generator that work for you are:
  • Popular SSGs:
    • Hugo – written in go, uses markdown
    • Jekyll – rails gem, uses markdown/liquid
    • Hexo – uses node.js and type of markdown
    • Middleman – rails, uses haml


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