S2 Episode 6: Building Our Core Quiz Mechanic S2 Episode 6: Building Our Core Quiz Mechanic

September 29, 2020   |   Design Vs Dev
Agile League

This week, Andrew and Drew talk about how they built their core quiz mechanic for Dune Trivia. Andrew talks about future-proofing the mechanic by adding variables for EVERYTHING!

Exciting news, the Dune Trivia app is now in Beta on both iOS and Android! We’re giving away some Dune swag as well. To throw your name in the running for a ‘Litany Against Fear’ broadside, and some Dune Funko Pop figures, sign up for Beta! Just email drew at drew@agileleague.com or PM him on twitter at @noltedesign to join the Beta.

You can also enter the drawing by suggesting a Dune Trivia question here.

We have our own Dune Trivia music released by Joseph Beaty. Buy the mini album for $3 on bandcamp here!

Another big thanks to Joseph Beaty for our intro music. His music can be found online at josephbeaty.com and @josephbeaty.