Smiler: D3.js + SVG + Ember + Firebase - Up on Github

July 8, 2014   |   Tech
Agile League

I just wanted to note that I’ve released Smiler, my D3.js project used for a few presentations, up on Github. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to actually use it, but if you’re curious about how I use D3 to build the visualizations, look in /app/controllers at the various controllers I have in there.

Smiler on Github

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, but you’re curious about D3 and/or SVGs, then come see my presentation at Code on the Beach in Florida in August. You have until July 11 to register, so get to it!

As a bonus, I’ll be bringing my stunt kite, so besides learning some D3 you can also learn how to dive-bomb a kite into the beach at 30km/hr!