Luxury property exchange THIRDHOME had an existing site but needed ongoing upgrades and improvements. They turned to The Agile League, and we immediately got to work. Very quickly we upgraded their backend andĀ upgraded the admin interface to allow for much greater control and flexibility. Within a few short weeks, the THIRDHOME team had much greater insight and control over the transactions occurring on their platform.

THIRDHOME and The Agile League were a good fit due to a mutual appreciation of our agile methodology. Our short sprints and iterative approach allowed us to quickly deliver new features and updates and get them live on the site as quickly as possible. In turn, the THIRDHOME team could take a breather after each sprint and determine where next to go. The end result was fast, consistent progress without the need for lots of meetings and up-front planning.

I never cease to be impressed by The Agile League. Not only are they masters (and mistresses) of their craft, but they also have a good understanding of the business reasons for developing certain areas of our business. This is enormously helpful when it comes to preempting potential problems and issues. As such their delivery is sleek, on time and on budget. And, most importantly of all, they are a pleasure to work with."

- Giles Adams, President, 3RD HOME

Giles Adams
3RD Home Real Estate
3RD Home Real Estate